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Welcome to Bin Dhaen Contracting L.L.C

The ability of Bin Dhaen Contracting L.L.C to deliver the highest quality of work on schedule and within the budget has received wide-acclamations from the clients.

Completing projects on time & Following budget guidelines
Elevated quality of workmanship
Meeting diverse supplier requirements
Implementing appropriate safety precautions and procedures


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Turnkey Projects

BIN DHAEN CONTRACTING L.L.C ’s skills & the advantage of being a part of Bin Dhaen Holding with highly efficient subsidiaries

Construction Services

BIN DHAEN CONTRACTING L.L.C sources construction material from reputed manufacturers and uses state

Service Contracts

Driven by the confidence of delivering the best building and facilities BIN DHAEN CONTRACTING L.L.C offers economical


Quality has been the key to BIN DHAEN CONTRACTING L.L.C success. Guided by well defined quality control procedures.


Villas for luxury-living, gated communities for social living, cost effective colonies for economical living, ideally located

Industrial Solutions

Key to development & economical growth it is essential to have ideally located industrial development which can cater to wide range