Residential & Commercial development(Offices)

Villas for luxury-living, gated communities for social living, cost effective colonies for economical living, ideally located commercial buildings for shops & offices are multiple types. BDC has mastered the art of creating developments with optimum utilization of land, well laid out plans, proper pathways, roads and well connected infrastructure.

Historical & Restoration

Great people who understand that it is the past which has enabled the world to reach the present and will enable it for the future, are keen to restore the heritage structures of the past not only out of love for architecture but also pass on the knowledge into the future.

BDC with the perfect understanding of this importance strives to restore historical heritage buildings and monuments to bring it back to its prime using highly skilled work-force and sophisticated tools.


Key to development & economical growth it is essential to have ideally located industrial development which can cater to wide range of industries. The strong structures, proper layouts are the key features of successful industrial developments. BDC sources the best talent across multiple disciplines right from planning the location to develop highly productive industrial projects.

Shopping Centre, Souks & Fit outs

Shopping has been one of the driving forces behind economic activity in the UAE. Ideally located and shopping centers, well laid-out souks & sophisticated fit-outs are the key to provide a pleasurable shopping experience.

BDC specializes in themed shopping centers to attract global visitors, well designed souks to promote categorized trade activities & highly specialized fit-outs for niche marketing to ensure the visitors are tuned to perfect shopping mindset maximizing the time & money spent.

Educational Institutions

Knowledge is considered the most valuable asset that a human can gather. Educational Institutes are the key to human knowledge developments. All the developments of the modern science originate from educational institutes.

BDC builds educational institutes which can accommodate host of specialties & modern facilities to promote talent building through academic, research & sport activities through brilliant class rooms, huge libraries, modern research laboratories, well equipped gymnasium & multiple sports complexes.